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Nippon Retro: your retro gaming specialist in Japan

Home for retro gamers, we are based in Japan since 2003, and still exploring to find the most memorable retro games around Tokyo. We can't wait for you to discover our online shop, as well as sharing your favorite games with us. In the meantime, we have selected the most popular games here, why not have a look at it ?

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Console & Controllers

Looking for a new console to buy ? Well, you're in the right place: we have listed for you more than 500 pieces of hardware, from consoles to controllers, passing by cables and limited editions.

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Nintendo Boxed Games

The paradise for collectors looking to display their games, as much as playing them. You can find over 10 000 games coming along with their original box and sometimes instruction manual and goodies.

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Nintendo Software Games

Some of you only want to try out a new game, or jump back to the past with a hint of nostalgia. No need for a full box, only the adventure. We've got your back: more than 12 000 games here, just for you.

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Jumping back to the Nintendo golden era

You are only a few clicks away from completing
your nintendo retro games collection.

Sega is still very alive here

Even tho we can't find much new consoles from Sega to this day, we're here to keep the iconic brand alive.
(re)discover the classics of Retro Gaming

We have made dedicated collections for the best sellers and most iconic games of all times. Across each and every consoles, jump back in a Pokemon adventure, a Zelda playthrough, Mario exploration, or a couple fights with Dragon Ball, Resident Evil, even Final Fantasy!

You may have some questions...

No worries, we've got your back! If any of the questions you have are not showing, you can contact us and ask directly to our staff at :)

Where do you ship ?

We can ship worldwide. Some countries might have some delivery methods excluded following the limitations from the shipping services (war, COVID,...). No worries, we always find a way to get the parcel to your door :)

How long does it takes to deliver ?

Depending on your location and shipping method, it starts from 3 days to 3 weeks. Some unwanted events might have minor impact on the shipping services we use resulting in a longer delivery of about a week. No worries, you will have multiple options and full support from our team to make the delivery as soon as possible !

Are the games and consoles you sell do work ?

Yes, everything is tested before shipping. If the product is not working when it arrives to your door, we will replace it for free. In some very specific cases, we will feature "junk" (not working) hardware and softwares on our store, mostly for customers that are willing to display it, but it will clearly be mentioned :)

How can I know the condition of the products I am willing to buy ?

Since every products are considered second-hand (apart from some goodies and merch), the condition won't always be perfect looking. However, we are very strict on the selection of our products ! We can provide detailed photos with a clear mention of little elements with color fading, scratches, etc... if any. Simply ask us, don't be shy! :)

Are you selling only video games ?

Nope, we sell basically everything we can get in Japan. We focus on second-hand products since it is our domain of expertise, but we will gladly take your requests if you need anything from Japan (playing cards, figures, food, plastic models and more). Following what you are looking for, we might already be working on a website dedicated to it. If not, you can hit us up with recommendation for future products listing, we will gladly consider it :)

Will I have extra costs upon delivery, like taxes or customs ?

Video games in general are not subject to any customs fees, regardless of the value. For Europe, we don't charge the mandatory VAT and other charges, so if you have any (since we are based in Japan with no structure or branch in Europe), we can't do anything about it, unfortunately :( For other tax and duties, it is very rare that it happens. In this case, it will unfortunately not be taken in charge by our website. If you have any questions regarding tax, customs,... we will gladly answer to you the best way we can!

I want a very specific product, can I contact you ?

Of course! You can see directly from the menu, we have a on-demand section to contact us. Make sure you give us as much informations as possible (even photos) of the product you are looking for, since we will have to find the equivalent in Japanese, if it exists.

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